Monday, October 7, 2013

Profile: Rachel Bilson

Suggestions by Ethan from Roslyn, NY, Rachel from Maryland, Steve from Southampton, PA, Kaitlin from Detroit, and Jesse from Michigan.


  1. Guys - Love your site... I read it religiously (no pun intended) every day... I constantly send it to all of my member of the tribe friends. BUT (and you knew there was a "but" coming), I miss something about when I first started reading the site... The explanation of the verdict. Like, Rachel Bilson is a borderline Jew... But why? Is she half-Jewish (yes), or did she convert to Buddhism (not that there's anything wrong with that)? I still dig the site, but I miss the digging (into the jewish part, of course!),

  2. You're right, we started out explaining the Jewishness in pretty much every profile, but we soon started to diverge from that. It got... old and repetitive. We still do it quite often, but in all honesty, if we started explaining it every time, the site would have closed down years ago.

    However, the explanation is often found in the Jew Score. 3 I = half by birth. Borderline = no clear indication which way she is leaning.

    1. Fair enough! As a long-time reader, I should probably know the score and what it means. And, I have to say - I'm impressed that you guys do this without any ads, etc., Just pure j-dar, and that's all!

  3. Might be worth it in your explanation of the I-O-K, then, to give a general sense of what the numbers mean... unless you just assumed the pictures would do it for you.

  4. After 1700 of these... there is more than enough precedent to figure this out. :)