Saturday, April 11, 2009

Profile: Gustav Mahler

Another musical genre missing from our profiles: Christian Rock. As if.

Mahler was suggested by reader Rafael from Rio de Janeiro.


  1. Contrary to your comments about a lack of Jews in classical music there are several prominent 20th century examples, Isaac Stern, Yehuda Menuhin, Itzhak Perlman, Pinchus Zuckerman, all violinists. In the 19th century Felix Mendelsohn, who was the son of a convert and the piano virtuoso Charles Valentin Alkan, reputed to have died when a bookcase containing the Talmud fell onto him.

  2. Yes, we should have qualified the profile with "pre-20th century".

  3. moishe, more artists would be nice! modigliani? magritte? marcel proust?

    and besides katie price (aka jordan) and david beckham, britain has its fair share of z-list celebs: vanessa feltz, mark ronson, sharon osbourne (and kids), alan sugar (of amstrad fame in the 80s) and potentially a future prime minister (david milliband)...

  4. and jean-claude van damme.
    nick (paris)

  5. Modigliani:

    Proust we'll definitely profile... at some point. Not sure that Magritte was Jewish.

    And, of course, if Miliband becomes PM, he'll be profiled immediately.