Friday, February 12, 2010

Profile: Benjamin Agosto

Here's an article about Jews at the Winter Olympics: they count three Americans -- Agosto, Laura Spector (biathlon), and Steve Mesler (bobsled). There are also three Israelis -- Mikail Renzhyn (downhill skiing), and siblings Alexandra and Roman Zaretsky (ice dancing).

So hooray, it's the Winter Olympics! Ummm... Hooray? Anyone? Anyone?

For proof that ice dancing is not a real sport, see below:


  1. I still find it hard to believe that we have a winter olympics team. Because, you know, skiing and whatever they do there usually has to do with snow and ice, something we utterly lack here in Israel.

  2. Well, considering there are athletes from Ethiopia and Ghana, it's the least Israel can do.

  3. Belarus has a freestyle skier named Anton Kushnir. I'm guessing he's likely Jewish, but you never know.

    And there's an American bobsledder named Mike Kohn. That one seems less likely.

  4. There's some (very popular) skiing in the high mountains of the Golan Heights, so I would guess an Israeli skier would train there. Also possible that an American or Russian or Canadian Jew who skied and emigated to Israel would ski for their team.

    Despite the articles not mentioning her, was wondering about snowboarder Lindsey Jacobellis. I realize the "Jacob" in her last name may not mean much, but combine it with her growing up first half of her life in Danbury, CT (fairly Jewish area, I know it well) then moving to Stratton, VT (probably to train for boarding, but VT has a growing Jewish population that mostly consists of transplants from the NY and Boston areas, I myself almost moved there for a job last year and learned this) made me wonder....

  5. We haven't been able to find any confirmation with Lindsey one way or another...

  6. Benedict and Anita Jacobellis are her parents. Don't think they are Jews.