Monday, February 1, 2010

Profile: Jon Gosselin

Moishe really, truly, did not want us to write this profile. Not that he disliked the way it was written. He just hated the idea of profiling Gosselin. This particular way of doing it, in many ways, was to tweak Moishe's nose a little. But only a little. My feeling is, we've profiled a lot of bimbos, so why not a mimbo?

Jon was suggested by Barbara from Las Vegas. Thanks for giving me a chance to annoy Moishe, Barbara!


  1. Amanda Bynes? Come on! She's a SHAKESPEAREAN actress! I think the only one who matches up to Gosselin in irrelevance is Paris Hilton.

  2. I think your rebuttal speaks for itself....

  3. I was expecting something a little closer to Hitler's score.