Friday, February 26, 2010

Profile: Steve Jobs

A rarity: after new information came forth, we changed the profile on the day it was published (originally we had a theory about Jobs' biological mother being Jewish; that turned out to not be the case).

Jobs was also suggested by Anne from Belmont, CA, Joe from the Virgin Islands, Elayne and Matthew from NYC, and Moishe from La Jolla.


  1. Though I still think "doubtful", his biological father may have been Jewish too. I read he's from Syria and not only is there a significant Jewish diaspora from there, but many Jews from that country have Arabic first and last names (as for last names, just think of Paula Abdul, who I believe you profiled).

    Interesting profile (Steve Jobs) I never knew about.

  2. I think I read somewhere that the biological father is Muslim.

  3. His biological mother wasn't Jewish. She was a Catholic of German and Swiss background, from a small town in Wisconsin. His biological parents even (eventually) married in a church, though his father was a Muslim.

    Mona Simpson's writings aren't filled with Jewish themes as far as I can see. One of her novels was about the daughter of an Egyptian Muslim who tries to find her father's family (sounds familiar?).

  4. Thanks. Will make the adjustment. Yes, this actually makes more sense all things considering.

  5. Steve Jobs was baptized and confirmed in the Lutheran church (Missouri Synod).