Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Settling the Score: Ringo Starr

Sometimes we make mistakes. It happens. The information out there is often conflicting, and figuring out the truth is not always easy. That being said, we always thank our readers in the rare case that a correction is needed. That being said, in the case of Ringo Starr, the correction is minor.

Originally, the profile said that although not Jewish, Ringo had some Jewish blood on his mother's side. G-d knows where we got that information from; three years after the profile was written, we can't find the source. But thanks to Jenny from Virginia, who sent us two Ringo's family trees, we have now corrected the profile.

So no, dear readers, Ringo was not even part Jewish. (If he was, it's very well hidden.) But he's still married to the Jewish Barbara Bach... who deserves a profile herself at some point, right?



  1. look at his punem (face)

  2. While he may not be Jewish, according to the anti-circumcision website Circumstition, Ringo was actually circumcised, as was Paul. On the other hand, the two deceased Beatles, John and George, were both uncircumcised. There's a conspiracy in that, or at the very least a compelling argument for circumcision.