Friday, February 19, 2010

Profile: Torah Bright

Torah was suggested two months ago by Donn from Caldwell, NJ. Obviously, we had to wait for the Olympics for this profile.

Olympic Jews update: biathlete Laura Spector finished 77th in the 7.5 km and and 65th in the 15 km.

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  1. Saw her on TV last night and wondered, but looked her up and saw the Mormon angle, thanks for the quick profile.

    Despite the article only saying Spector, Agosto, and Bob Mesler as being Jewish (in Agosto's case Jewish mother), I'm still wondering about a few others (like Lindsay Jacobellis). Some of the hockey player names seem Jewish (Kesler, for example). Then on curling I noticed a Tom Shuster. Every Shuster (regardless of spelling) I've known is Jewish, though couldn't find anything and finding out he's from Duluth, MN (despite Bob Dylan being from there) makes me think "no" now.