Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Profile: Laura Schlessinger

For those who missed it, here's the transcript from last week.

Way back last year, Dr. Laura was suggested by Karen from San Diego and Tim from Mission, BC.

Wow, good timing. Dr. Laura ended her show today.


  1. exACTly.

    SHUT UP!!
    And not really a Jew... "Borderline" ... leaving the fold voluntarily. L'hitraot.

  2. Thanks for the transcript, I posted the following in a "Political" forum as my thoughts on it:

    'I do not like Dr. Laura at all, but the truth is it began with her trying to make the point of why is it OK for black people to say it like a drunken sailor when it shouldn't be OK at all? I think it's pretty stupid and extremely "self depricating" (well beyond the kind found in "Jewish humor"); I understand why blacks would be taken extremely aback and upset at a white person saying the word to them, but she initially was just trying to point out the illogical "double standard".

    But where Dr. Laura did go wrong is going on and on with it after (continuing to say the N-word where it wasn't needed anymore) and saying things like, "why can't you take a joke?" or that people shouldn't "intermarry" because they should expect to hear things from people like, "what do blacks thing about that?" or "what do Jews think about that?", etc.

    I'm glad she quit, but more because I think she's a fruitcake (though how she handled this incident when it got "hot" showed that too) than this particular incident.'

  3. Come on, she has black friends!!!!! She's allowed to drop the n-bomb!