Thursday, August 26, 2010

Update: Oh yeah, about that Hitler guy...

So you might have heard this one in the news recently. Belgian grave robbers DNA researchers have studied the genealogy of Adolf Hitler's relatives and found that he might have been part Jewish (and part African). Not WAS part Jewish (and part African). Might have been. Yawn.

Actually, it's funny how the headlines distort the findings. That chromosome is not necessarily Jewish. It COULD BE possibly African. It COULD BE possibly Berber. It COULD BE possibly Spanish. It COULD BE possibly Jewish. Seriously... yawn.


  1. What many of these "news" reports neglected to mention is that this same DNA bit could also be Portuguese/Italian, not just Berber/Jewish, etc.

    BTW, why does Hitler have a "1" score under the self-identity section? Shouldn't he deserve a "zero" there more so than probably every other person who ever lived? (except for Carrot Top, of course).

  2. Hitler should get a 1 somewhere, because SOME believe that he had Jewish ancestry... So it's a tossup between I and O, and since Jewish ancestry is a remote possibility, I guess it goes to the I (which is ancestry more than self-identity). But maybe the O is a better place... especially with all these "news" reports, so others could possibly perceive it as "somewhat" Jewish. Yeah, I just convinced myself. O it is.

  3. That's an "I", not an "O". Certainly, there were plenty of Jews in Europe and plenty that converted to Christianity throughout the ages. However, I don't think there is anything outwardly Jewish about Adolf Hitler--not his desire to destroy anything and everything that wasn't "Aryan," nor his desire to be a world conqueror and his breach of every single treaty trying to get there. That O would be zero or negative for me.

  4. Yes, this is why I keep going back and forth here. But the O is not just outwardly behavior; if people out there think someone who is not Jewish, is (for whatever reason), the O is what usually gets the point. And sadly, enough people think that about Hitler.