Friday, August 27, 2010

Profile: Regina Spektor

Regina was suggested by Sari from New York, Alexander from England, and... my brother.

And, if there is such thing as "antifolk", is there anitpunk? Antirap? Anticountry?


  1. yeah, except the fact, most jews are engineers, doctors, mathmaticians, layers, actors, musicians, writers, chess players, intellectuals etc! its not the first time and not the second youre talking nonsense and distort the facts. for exemple, between 1990-1997 imigrated from the former ussr to israel 8000 engineers, 4500 doctors, and the vast majority was with higher education.

  2. Huh? What exactly are we distorting? Did we ever say that most Jews are not "engineers, [...] chess players, intellectuals"? When did we ever say anything about anything being the first time? What does immigration to Israel in the 90s have to do with immigration to the US in the 70s and 80s?