Monday, August 29, 2011

Profile: Ajax Amsterdam

Ajax was suggested by "Gascoigne" from Sweden, Arno from Amsterdam, and Felix from Jersey.

Alas, in America, Ajax is best known as a laundry detergent...


  1. The reason the club is trying to thwart the Jewish self-identification of the fans is because opposing fans (most notably those of Feyenoord Rotterdam) have adopted an anti-Semitic self-identification. Obviously, Ajax leadership isn't too thrilled with Holocaust taunts (like gas-chamber hissing sounds) in its stadium.
    Europe is still lovely after all these years, isn't it?
    Among other things, this has caused real Jewish supporters of Ajax to stop coming to the matches.

  2. Argentinian soccer team Club Atl├ętico Atlanta also has a strong Jewish identity,based in a mostly Jewish neighborhood of Buenos Aires (Villa Crespo), been run by Jews for most of it's history, and unfortunately has also been victim of anti-Semitic chants by supporters of rival teams...