Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Profile: Charley Steiner


After leaving ESPN, Steiner did play-by-play for the Yankees and now the Dodgers.


  1. And was also traded for Andrew Shue in one of the all time great "This is SportsCenter" commercials.

  2. Ah Andrew Shue. A great New Jerseyan I always wanted on my team in MTV's Rock n Jock Softball. But probably not a member of The Tribe.

  3. May be time to profile who replaced him as Yankees broadcaster years ago, John Stirling. Lots of internet rumors that his real name is "Harold Moskowitz" and that he's real coy about his background (can find virtually nothing on him before his early 70s WMCA days). It was confirmed that he long subtracted 10 years from his age and is really 73 years old. His broadcast partner, Suzyn Waldman, the first woman in modern times to broadcast baseball (the A's briefly had a woman broadcaster in the 1960s) has said she is Jewish.

  4. Actually, Waldman replaced Steiner. Sterling was there the whole time. In fact, it's probably because of Sterling that Steiner left after two years... he was not happy, for instance, that Steiner got to make the call on the Aaron Boone home run. Waldman, on the other hand, doesn't do much of the hard play-by-play, leaving Sterling to revel in the sound of his own voice.

  5. Suzyn Waldman is definitely in the queue: the first voice of the first 24-hour sports radio network (WFAN in NYC) and, I believe, the only woman doing color commentary in baseball today (radio, TV, or otherwise). Sure she's annoying as all get out, but you can't argue with everything she's accomplished. Sterling is....well, there's absolutely zero that confirms or denies the rumors so until we get something definitive he'll have to content himself with a perfect 15 score on GasbagOrNotGasbag.com.

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