Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Profile: Barbara Boxer


So California has two Jewish Senators. Until recently, Wisconsin did as well: Herb Kohl and Russ Feingold.

Boxer was suggested by Jon from Tennessee, Ed from New York, Lawrence from Arizona, Judy from California, and Arnie from Parts Unknown.


  1. I think her daughter married Hillary Clinton's brother. What is it with that family marrying the Jews?

  2. Yes, her daughter, Nicole married Tony Rodham and have one daughter. He is a tobacco lawyer and deadbeat dad. He stiffed her for $75,000 in child support. They were married in a White House Wedding, the first since the Nixon years.

    Her daughter was married 1995-2001 to Tony. To avoid conflict of interest, Babs should have recused herself during the impeachment/removal from office vote in the Senate in Dec 1998, being part of the family. President Clinton was a son-in-law, connected by a couple of marriages, but I guess Babs did not see it that way.

    JMHO, but, Babs Boxer is my Senator, unfortunately. She never did much in the way of legislation in her 3 terms as senator. She introduced and passed legislation to name a bridge and wrote romance novels. Not much to say for her as a politician except she can win an election every six years.