Friday, October 7, 2011

Profile: Jew's Ear

Originally, the mushroom was called Judas' Ear, based on the myth that the mushrooms were actually grown from Judas' blood on the tree near where he was killed. Or somesuch. Not exactly up on my Christian mythology. Anyway, that got shortened to Jew's Ear over time an that's how we ended up with fun profiles like this one.

At least I had fun with it anyway...


  1. Thx, good to know! Here is another example of a plant with a Jewish name:

    In Germany the physalis used to be called "Judenkirsche" = "Jewish cherry". The name has to do with the shape of the papery husk surrounding the fruit. It resembles the Phrygian cap which used to be worn by Jews (in the early middle ages).

  2. Another Jewishly named plant is "Jew's mallow," a leafy green vegetable. I first heard of it as one of the mystery ingredients in an episode of the Food Network show "Chopped." One of the contestants repeatedly referred to the plant as "Jew mallow," which sounds less appetizing--you know, sort of like "Jew banker."
    Astoria, NY