Saturday, October 29, 2011

Update: Sir Paul to convert?

According to the National Enquirer (yes, the National Enquirer...), Paul McCartney is converting to Judaism.

MAZEL TOV! PAUL MCCARTNEY, baptized Roman Catholic but admittedly never very devout, quietly told pals after his marriage to socialite NANCY SHEVELL – who’s Jewish and takes her religion seriously – that he’s studying Judaism and promised his new bride he’ll convert, reports a friend of the star.

The former Beatle’s first wife, LINDA EASTMAN, came from a prominent Jewish family and McCartney had talked about converting after they married, but just never got around to it.

Paul told pals he’ll complete his conversion studies next year.[1]

Considering the source... we'll see.

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  1. Actually, the National Enquirer has a better record for investigative journalism than they are given credit for. They pretty much owned the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter story. If a major daily paper had broken that one, they probably would have had all kinds of awards by now.