Thursday, October 13, 2011

Profile: Peter Falk

This happens all the time: an important non-profiled Jew dies, we get lots of suggestions, but... well, we are not in the process of writing obits. So here's Falk, be it very late...

Suggestions from Peter from Lake Mary, FL, Ariel from London, Aaron from Massachusetts, Jeoffrey from Athens, GA, JeriAnn from Connecticut, Jason from Vancouver, Mark from New York, Simon from Switzerland, Gary from New York, Eddie from the Netherlands, and Ajay from the UK.


  1. Peter Sellers (Inspector Clouseau) was also Jewish.

  2. Father Brown - Not a Jew (duh)
    Dirty Harry - Not a Jew (phew!)
    Commissionaire Maigret - Not a Jew
    Mikael Blomqvist - Not a Jew (though written by an anti-Nazi journalist)
    Erast Petrovich Fandorin - Not a Jew (but disguises as one, brilliantly)
    Standartenfuhrer Stierlitz (Major Maxim Isayev) - Not a Jew (duh and duh)
    Dr. Gregory House - Not a Jew (but friends with one)

    Damn it, not a single brilliant investigative mind in all of detective fiction!
    Well, at least my great-uncle was one in real life. Even wrote a book, "Specifics of Investigating Murders Concerning Dismemberment and Other Mutilations of the Corpse."