Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Profile: Matthias Sindelar

Thanks, commenter. Not a Jew. Details here.

Sindelar's goal against France in the 1934 World Cup means at least two Jews have scored at the world's biggest stage: Sindelar and Mordechai Spiegler.

Thanks to Patrick from Cork City for the suggestion.


  1. Great, terrific, amazing soccer player and an exemplary human being (he publicly supported his shunned Jewish coach), but, sadly, not a Jew, whatever Wikipedia may say.

    If he were, he'd never be asked to play for Germany, or indeed anywhere in the Reich after Anschluss, and never be given the state funeral.

    He was a Czech by ethnicity and his family was "Catholic through and through."

    Give him a high score, but it's a "Sadly, not a Jew" case.