Monday, November 28, 2011

Settling the Score: Nancy Lieberman

Nancy Lieberman just might be the greatest women's basketball player ever. She was born Jewish, and considers herself so, here's from a 2010 interview:

I am 100% Jewish. My father’s parents were deeply religious, we had two sets of silverware when we went and ate over there. My mother’s side observed the major holidays. It was more relaxed. I went to Hebrew School as well. [...] I consider myself a progressive Jew.

However, strange for someone so accomplished, she is missing from both the National Jewish Sports Hall of Fame and the International Jewish Sports Hall of Fame. And she was definitely inducted to the latter. So if one is to believe that she became a born-again Christian (maybe that's her definition of "Progressive Jew"), that would add up.

However, she does consider herself Jewish... Borderline Jew it is.

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