Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Profile: Max Scherzer


We got a lot of requests to profile Scherzer when he was pitching for the Tigers in the playoffs. Now... not so much.

Suggestions from Roger from California, Benn from Detroit, Stephen from Montreal, Jon from Nashville, Putty from Florida, Rick from Detroit, David from St. Paul, Leboro from California, Beitler from New York, Steve from Detroit, and Matt from Cherry Hill, NJ.


  1. By the way, you probably should've noted that Elizabeth Berkely (who you noted in this profile as also having eyes of different colors) is Jewish and was previously profiled

  2. She is linked at the bottom of the profile!

  3. Kate Bosworth (thankfully not Jewish to my knowledge) also has two different colored eyes. And somehow some celebrity publication of repute voted her "nicest eyes" [in Hollywood]. I don't understand her appeal at all.