Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Profile: Gabe Kaplan

Here's the video:

Thanks for Dave from NJ for the suggestion.

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  1. Neat video! (I'm barely old enough to vaguely remember that cheesy show, saw it once or twice at like age 10 or something, forgot that Cosell was part of it). Anyway, a major thing I noticed about this video is the interesting differences between what is allowed on TV now (some profanity and much more cleavage) vs. what was on this clip that would never be on the show if a version were made today:

    1) Anyone notice that Telly Savalas was smoking throughout the first 1/3 of the video? And briefly Robert Conrad as well right before he re-raced Gabe Kaplan? (HMM, maybe THAT'S why he actually lost..... :-))

    2) If the jokes about the "Jewish arbitrator", the "German wanting to kill people", "the Greek" and (Richard Hatch?) "the Irishman wanting to beat up the nearest fellow Mick" etc. were done on air today, they'd all be shunned/condemned all over the Internet even though they were making fun of themselves.

    Interesting how times change in ways one doesn't realize......