Thursday, April 11, 2013

Profile: Armie Hammer

Written, obviously, after watching the trailer for "The Lone Ranger".


  1. Actually in Batman and Robin, the hero only got second billing; Arnold Schwarzenegger got top billing. Chris O'Donell was stuck with third.

  2. He is only 1/8, actually.

  3. A little?

    Well, I am not sure what he means by "half", but his grandma on the father's side was a native Texan with a very non-Jewish name and Armand Hammer's wife was definitely non-Jewish (Czarist general's daughters didn't come in kosher varieties).

    1. "A little?"

      I assume it's "a lot", because, well, as we know, most "WASP" men look exactly like Armie Hammer. And are also six foot five.

      BTW, his father is "one quarter Jewish", yes. But Armie's maternal grandmother was born with the surname Kaufman, so he could plausibly have more Jewish ancestry. It's tough to say.

    2. He looks quite, quite WASPy. Which is why he played the WASP-city Winklevoss twins AND (oy!) Billy Graham.

      Also, his parents got married in a Methodist church in Oklahoma, which reduces the chances of his mom being Jewish by quite a bit.

    3. How can he look "quite, quite WASPy", when I think most people can reasonably agree that 95% of WASPs don't look like him? (and are also not six foot five inches tall).

      You only "think" of the Winklevoss twins as "WASP-city" because Armie Hammer played them. Don't you realize that? When I hear a name such as "Winklevoss", memories of the Mayflower's arduous journey do not exactly come flooding back. I know they're not Jewish, but they have the kind of surname that inspired my mother to ask me if they are.

      As for Armie Hammer's mother, both she and Armie's father are practicing Christians, there's no doubt about that. but his maternal grandmother could have been born Jewish, or with Jewish ancestry, regardless.

      As for Armie's looks, he looks quite similar to Israeli actor Michael Aloni. Perhaps before Hebrewification, "Aloni" used to be, well, "Hammer" (or "Kaufman").

  4. Anyway... *(Pushes all conversations aside) With The Lone Ranger coming out in cinemas soon I was just inquiring were the creators Fran Striker and George W. Trendle, Jewish?