Monday, April 29, 2013

Profile: Carolina Duer

Suggestion by Barbara from California.


  1. There's another "modern" Jewish boxer to profile, Dmitri Salita (despite the Spanish/Italian sounding last name he's actually 100% Jewish and originally from the Ukraine):

  2. Yes, the funny thing is that the Yuri Foreman profile was originally gonna be Salita's, but Salita lost badly by the time we published it. (And then, of course, Foreman lost badly AFTER we published it.)

  3. Other post-War Jewish boxing champs:

    Robert Cohen (1954-56 bantamweight)
    Alphonse Halimi (1957-59 bantamweight)
    both French Algerians

    Mike Rossman (1978-79 WBA light heaviweight)
    Jewish mother; "The Jewish Bomber"

    Saoul Mamby (1980-82 WBC junior welterweight)
    supposedly converted to Judaism at age 4

    Fabrice Benichou (1989-90 IBF junion featherweight)
    supposedly a Sephardic Jew

    1. Gary Jacobs, a Scottish Jew, won a host of titles between 1987 and 1996, although never a recognized world title. Max Cohen and Gilbert Cohen, one a Moroccan and the other a Tunisian, also held national or regional titles in the 1970s. Others post-war North African/ French fighters include Benamou, Brami, Hamani, Daho, Ebilia and Haccoun.