Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Profile: Zero Mostel


Suggestions by Benny from Petach Tikva, John from NY, Bruce from Cambridge, IL, Gabriel from NY, Tom from Denver, and Steve from NY.


  1. Alas, not the cinematic Fiddler. There is a Youtube video of a TV performance of "If I Were a Rich Man" that is thrilling.
    Rumor has it there was a dispute over the fee. Who wouldn't pay it now?

  2. Now I suppose you enqueue Josh Mostel, the principal in Billy Madison, among other roles as Token Fat Guy.

  3. Now that's some combover!

  4. A-1: Mostel was remarkably talented but was also, supposedly (I never had the pleasure), remarkably hard to work with. The story I've always heard is that Fiddler director Norman Jewison did not want to work with Zero, couldn't abide by his antics, and chose Topol instead.