Monday, August 26, 2013

Profile: Elias Canetti

Bulgaria's ONLY Nobel laureate, and he moved out as a kid. Poor Bulgaria.


  1. Turns out Bulgaria is a world leader in Antarctic explortation! As a result there are hundreds of approved Bulgarian toponyms in Antarctica, including a couple more named after Jews: Passy Peak and Djerassi Glacier.

    Re Bulgarian Nobel Prize winners: non-Jewish chemist Ivan Stranski was unlucky not to win one. And Bulgarian-Americans invented both the first digital electronic computer (John Atanasoff) and digital watch (Peter Petroff). There are others too, but I suppose this isn't bulgarianornotbulgarian.

    Re Bulgarian Jews: here are a few more interesting ones

    Sarah-Theodora - 14th century tsarina
    Jules Pascin - bohemian painter
    Mira Aroyo - member of Liverpool band Ladytron
    Maxim Staviski - ice dancing world champion
    Mia Kirshner's mum

  2. Bulgarians also nod to say "no" and shake their heads to say "yes." An actual fact.