Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Profile: Luigi Luzzatti


Suggestion by a blog commenter. Awesome beard.


  1. Lasting only a year is par for the course for Italian Prime Ministers. Between August 1953 and July 1960 Italy had seven Prime Ministers. And with the exception of Berlusconi, the last seven Italian Prime Ministers all lasted less than two years (though Prodi did manage this twice).

    At least four other countries have multiple Jewish, or half-Jewish, Prime Ministers:

    France (5): Blum, Mayer, Mendes-France, Debre, Fabius
    New Zealand (3): Vogel, Bell, Key
    Peru (3): Goldenberg, Simon, Lerner
    Russia (2): Kiriyenko, Fradkov

    Though to be fair, Russia, Peru and post-58 France are presidential, not parliamentary, republics.

    Honduras, meanwhile, has had two half-Jewish presidents: Lindo and Maduro. And the following have had multiple Jewish governors:

    Australia (2): Isaacs, Cowen
    Turkmenistan (3): Aronshtam, Popok, Chubin
    US Virgin Islands (3): Milan, De Castro, Paiewonsky

  2. Kiriyenko and Fradkov are indeed both Jewish on their fathers' sides (it never seizes to amuse me how Russian half-breeds take their mothers' last names in an effort to escape anti-Semitism), but they aren't the only Russian PMs with Jewish origins.

    Yevgeni Primakov's origins are mysterious and well-hidden but it is widely believed that he was at least half-Jewish (and obviously 100% self-hating).

    And Yegor Gaidar, the (now much-despised) father of Russia's democratic reforms, was 1/4 Jewish through his paternal grandmother.

    And, of course, there was Lenin. The original profilee...