Friday, August 16, 2013

Profile: Rob Reiner

Suggestion by Kuhan from Chicago.


  1. Princess Bride, anyone? (OK, that was before, but that pretty much fits the bill of an awesome Romantic Comedy.)

  2. I'd call it Adventure before Romantic Comedy...

  3. I can swear I opened your blog the other day and saw a picture of Leona Helmsley with a dead link to the site.

    Are we about to get our second K score of "minus 1" in the near future? Because if anyone deserves it...

  4. Yes, I accidentally published the Helmsley blog post on the wrong date. She is coming.

  5. Has any director every fallen as far as Reiner? I mean that run he went on from '84-'93 was obviously unsustainable (Spinal Tap, Sure Thing, Stand by Me, Stand by Me, Princess Bride, When Harry Met Sally, Misery, A Few Good Men), but man since then his movies have ranged from barely tolerable (American President way back in '95) to just plain awful (North).

    I know things probably got uglier for Coppola and Cimino, but FFC is really a guy who directed four of the best movies ever made all in a row and then a bunch of mediocre stuff and Cimino was a one hit wonder. Neither had the sustained success of Reiner.


    On the romantic comedy question

    - City Lights
    - Annie Hall
    - Shakespeare in Love
    - Knocked Up
    - 40 Year Old Virgin
    - WALL-E

    Admittedly, only Annie Hall would be regarded as a conventional romantic comedy (at least in the modern sense) but they were all great.