Thursday, February 7, 2013

Profile: F. Murray Abraham

Suggestions by Michael from Hartford, Jason from Vancouver, and Max from Texas.


  1. It's probably a SAG thing-- in that there was likely already a Murray Abraham listed. (In the way that the "J" in Michael J. Fox actually stands for "Andrew.") I think his dad's name began with an "F."

  2. Are you guys doing Best Actor nominees of 1984? First Waterston, now Abraham. Is Tom Hulce next? (his mother's name was Winkleman, but it came from non-Jewish Germans).

  3. To be fair, a "Best Actor Nominees of 1984 Week" sounds like the kinda thing we would come up with...

  4. It's funny, because the 1984 movie year actually didn't produce a single Jewish acting nominee! Which is pretty rare (the 1950s had the most nominees per year. I think 1958 or 1959 had something like 8! or even 9).

    From that year, Sally Field and John Malkovich could make good profiles, though. Plus, I always thought Haing Ngor's name was HAIM Ngor, for some reason... (he was one of two Asian-American nominees that year, which is pretty rare, too).

  5. Looking up the other Asian-American...

    Pat Morita. Of course.

  6. It's worth not that, despite not being a Jew, F. Murray Abraham is indeed of the Semitic race, as he is half-Syrian on his father's side.

    (In addition to Shylock, Barabas, and Roy Cohn, he also played Mordecai in the TV movie about the story of Esther.)

    By the way, he adopted the "F." as part of his professional name in honor of his father Frederick.