Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Profile: Jennifer Jason Leigh


Another great suggestion by Michael from Hartford.


  1. Hi-O! Yes it is I The Musical Jew has returned!!! Miss me? Now I'm going to write the longist list of people you should profile: They are either people that you haven't profiled yet who are Jewish musicians and people that you haven't profiled yet who I don't know if they are Jewish Musicians that you should profile. ONCE AND FOR ALL ONES, TOO, PLEASE! So either suggestions or recommendations or unsure, okay? And you can either comment back to me here or really profile them okay? Please reply, love your site (as you know) Okay? (It's really not that long, I'm 35 so I'll give you a list of 70 people) Okay here we go:
    Suggestions/Recommendations for you to profile
    1: Joey Kramer of Aerosmith
    2: Dan Spitz of Anthrax
    3: Asleep At The Wheel (Entire band from past to present)
    4: Babes In Toyland (Entire band)
    5: Steven Page of Barenaked Ladies
    6: The Beach Boys (Entire band from past to present)
    7: Jeff Beck of The Yardbirds
    8: The Bee Gees
    9: Pat Benatar
    10: The Dead Kennedy's (Entire Band esp. Jello Biafra) with songs like: Saturday Night Holocaust and California Uber Alles he has to be right?
    11: Big Black (Entire Band esp. Steve Albini) with songs like: Tiny, King of the Jews he's gotta be making fun of the gentiles saviour right?
    12: Alex Chilton of Big Star
    13: Chris And Rich Robinson of The Black Crowes
    14: Hnery Rollins
    15: Black Flag (Entire band)
    16: Chris Stein of Blondie
    17: MIchael Bloomfield
    18: Blood, Sweat And Tears
    19: Paul Butterfield
    20: Blue Oyster Cult (Entire band from past to present)
    21: Sh-Na-Na (Entire band from past to present)
    22: The Blues Project
    23: David Bryan of Bon Jovi
    24: The Bonzo Dog Band (Entire Band)
    25: Boston (" ")
    26: Toto (" ")
    27: Styx (" ")
    28: David Bromberg
    29: The Brooklyn Bridge
    30: Jack Bruce of Cream
    31: Butthole Surfers
    32: Canned Heat (Entire Band)
    33: Elliot Easton of The Cars
    34: Robin Zander of Cheap Trick
    35: Cher

    Not Sure:
    1: Adam Ant
    2: Zack De La Rocha of Rage Against The Machine
    3: Chris Cornell of Soundgarden
    4: Kerry King of Slayer
    5: Jeff Hanbeman of Slayer
    6: Charlie Watts of well... If you don't know who he is then...
    7: Dinosaur Jr. (Entire band)
    8: The Jesus Lizard (Entire band) with a name mocking the goyims "King" come on, gotta be a Jew band right?
    9: Jeff Mangum of Nuetral Milk Hotel
    10: The Melvins
    11: Faith No More
    12: Modest Mouse
    13: Neil Young
    14: Kyle Gass of Tenacious D
    15: Red Hot Chili Peppers
    16: Minutemen
    17: Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam
    18: Iggy Pop
    19: Frank Zappa
    20: The Byrds
    21: (Not Gene or Paul NOT Ace or Peter) but the other members of KISS
    22: Tommy Petty
    23: Eagles
    24: Ani Difranco
    25: The Eletric Prunes
    26: Richar Hell
    27: Tool (esp. Maynard James Keenan)
    28: X (American Band)
    29: The Cramps
    30: Youth Brigade
    31: Sparks
    32: Tom Verlaine of Television
    33: Joe Strummer of well, again, if you don't know who he is well then...
    34: Television
    35: Social Distortion (Entire band)
    Correct me if I'm wrong in any of the above lists, please? Thank-you. They'll be more next week so start profiling, pretty, pretty please?
    My Mother makes the best Matzah Ball Soup, oy!
    It'll make your payots curl! If I could physically give you the soup over the web, you'd love it, but unfortunatley I can't sorry, but please, please write back, Please?

    1. by the way...brian wilson wasnt a jew or jewish, the jew was his songwriting partner tony asher...

  2. I love Jennifer Jason Lee. How about her father, Vic Morrow?

    1. Vic Morrow was Jewish. Jennifer Leigh considers herselfJewish.

  3. Musical Jew: I have no doubt your mom makes the best matza ball soup in the world. But have no doubt, so does Yakov's mom. :-)
    Yakov's wife