Friday, February 1, 2013

Update: RIP Ed Koch

The former New York mayor, the source of our first meta-profile, died today. He was 88.


  1. Most surprising fact (for me anyway) about Ed Koch? He was actually a pretty big guy. It's not just that he was tall (6'2", per ye old Internet), but he was also long, almost gangly, with giant arms, legs, hands...
    Just not at all what I was expecting. It was almost like someone had taken Koch's head and glued it onto someone else's body (probably a recently released New York Knick). See what TV does for our expectations?!
    Anyway, weird thing to think of on the day of a man's death, but that's what I remember about Ed Koch.

  2. The February 1 issue of the Jewish Standard (which comes out weekly in North Jersey) had an article about the new Ed Koch documentary that just came out. Obviously it was printed before, so it's just creepy (almost as creepy as when Parade Magazine put Benazir Bhutto on its cover as "the future of Pakistan," which was distributed the day after she was assassinated).