Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Oh, those meshugenah goyim! Kurt Warner

Believe it or not, not all of discussions between Yakov and myself are about Jews. Sometimes, be it infrequently, we talk about other things. For example, today we spent a good half hour discussing whether Kurt Warner belongs in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

For those who don't know, Warner came out of nowhere (actually, from stocking shelves in a supermarket), to lead the St. Louis Rams to the Super Bowl title in 1999, winning the league MVP in the process. Two years later, another MVP, another Super Bowl (be it in a losing effort). And now, after a couple of years where everyone deemed him washed-up, he is on the brink of leading the Arizona Cardinals(!) to their first ever trip to the title game.

But since Warner's career has been pretty short and his totals don't compare too favorably to other Hall of Famers, Yakov argues that he doesn't necessarily belong in the Hall. I say that two MVPs and a Super Bowl title, and some of the best averages in league history, do. It's not his fault he career started late. So we go back and forth for a while on this topic. It gets pretty heated. Some chairs are thrown.

And then I realize... why am I try so hard to defend Warner? This is a man who has a "personal relationship" with Jesus. This is a man who says, "Jesus changed my life, and he can change yours too" and "when I throw a touchdown pass, my thoughts are on how I can use this success on the field as a platform to glorify and praise my Lord Jesus Christ."

Brrrr. I change my vote. No Hall of Fame for you, Kurt.

Oh, and after your attempt to draw God... please, please, please, just stick to football.

Oh, those meshugenah goyim!


  1. Let me get this straight...... Kurt Warner is a Christian so "No Hall of Fame for you, Kurt." Gee, I love the double-standards in this country. If a Christian said "Ryan Braun, good player, but he's Jewish so no Hall of Fame for him," the ADL would be all over that. The writer's credentials, reputation, and future would be ruined because he would forever be an "Anti-Semite." This concept has been recognized by many and is growing. Enjoy it while it lasts.....

  2. If you didn't pick up on the sarcasm you probably won't like most of the profiles here, you might want to head over to ChristianorNotChristian... I hear they don't use much irony.

    By the way, I do believe Warner sees that drawing of God every time he flips open his quarterback wristband.

  3. Moishe, i love your sarcastic marshmallow.