Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Profile: Zach Braff


Today's profile, Zach Braff, (not Zach Efron as Moishe keeps Freudian slipping) comes to us via Alexandra from Michigan and her son (pssst: you lose, kid).

Sometimes Moishe and I go into these reveries where we wonder if anyone actually reads their own posts. Here's hoping Zach misses this one, cause he seems the type to take it personally. If that happens, well, it's been nice blogging with you all...


  1. in my defense sometimes he made some coments tht suggested he was a jew and other comments that suggest other wise (btw i was the kid)like in one episode he said form of an ice mannoriah(i think thats how u spell it) and in another he didnt truly believe in god(could have just be for the tv purposes) needless to say i got the bulk of my arguement from watching the scrubs episodes of which ive seen them all many times and i never researched in to the topic.

    1. To the anonymous above you don't need to be Jewish to believe in G*d you can be Jewish and not believe in Him or you can be Jewish and believe in him.