Saturday, September 17, 2011

Even more on the iPhone app

From Taki's Magazine:

And except for the fact that it’s a mobile-phone application, “Jew or Not a Jew” isn’t exactly breaking any new ground. Back in 1989, a Saturday Night Live sketch co-written by certified Jew Al Franken was called “Jew, Not a Jew” and played much the same game. Howard Stern, who despite his prominent proboscis claims to be only half-Jewish, regularly featured a game called “Guess Who’s the Jew” on both radio and TV. And since 2006, the website has played the “Who’s a Jew?” game with far more wit and panache than the new iPhone app. The site issues each celebrity a “Jew Score” based on three variables: “How Jewish they are internally, how Jewish they are externally and how much we want that person to be a Jew in the first place.” A post on the site’s Facebook page seems miffed at the publicity the new app is garnering and claims Johann Levy stole much of their data and 100 percent of their concept. It’s hard to argue: The mobile app’s “Random Jew” link performs exactly the same function as’s “Surprise Me!” tab—click on it, and up pops a new Jew for you to review.[1]

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