Monday, September 5, 2011

Profile: Hyman Rickover

Ugh. Somehow missed an important point: Rickover became Episcopalian. Score and verdict adjusted.

Rickover was suggested by Dan from Maryland, Scott from Minnesota, Harold from Irvine, CA, Bruce from Silver Spring, MD, Steve from California, and Travis from South Carolina.


  1. It's funny about first names. For my generation there are a LOT of girls named Lisa. Most popular girls name for those born in 1960s and early 70s (especially amongst Jews and Italians, where I grew up was heavily both). As a little kid I had 2 neighbors with the name, I dated several (both ethnicities) and even married (a Jewish) one.

    My wife is a teacher and she notices almost no girls with her name anymore. Seems the name almost completely fell out of favor after 1980 or so (She does have a 25 year old colleague named Jessica though).

    Great profile!

  2. I visit lots of playgrounds (with my son, relax), and almost all the girls there are named McKenzie, Carter, Morgan, Kennedy, Taylor, Madison, Piper, Striker, Hunter, Breaker, Catcher or Lumberjack.
    I am not sure when this has become trendy, but there it is. Hardly an Emma or an Emily in the bunch.

    It would be interesting if the last-name-as-first name trend caught on among Jews. "How is little Finkelstein today? -- Oh he is fine, but little Shapiro fights with that neighbor kid, Greenberg Lifshitz, again."

  3. Weird. Emily was #1 every year from 1996 to 2007. Emma was #1 in 2008. 2010, Emily is #6, Emma is #3. I think it depends a lot on which part of the country you are in.

    But yes, last name trend... Not my style, no say the least. Although "Piper Striker" has a certain ring to it...