Thursday, September 1, 2011

Profile: Adam Mickiewicz

So yes, the Lithuanians tack on an ending to everyone's name. For example, just to pick a random one, Mel Gibson becomes Melas Gibsonas. Oh, Lithuania!...

Another terrific suggestion from Alex in Maryland.

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  1. Latvians do it too, but there he'd be Mels Gibsons. And his wife would be Gibsona.
    His wife would also be Gibsonova in Czech Republic and Slovakia.

    It becomes even weirder with the Czechs when they modify a foreign female name which already has an "ova" on the end. For example, Maria Sharapova becomes Sharapovova (or rather Å arapovova).

    And of course, if your male last name ends with an "s", the Latvians will just go and tack on another "s" just to show you how little crap they give (Fils Kollinss, Maikls Duglass, and even Džimijs Hendrikss).