Friday, September 16, 2011

Profile: Mickey Cohen

Cohen was suggested by returning suggester Jason from Vancouver, as well as Nachman from Montreal. We guess they revere American Jewish gangsters in Canada?


  1. Good to see Mickey get his turn here, but I think you're over-selling him. (And I say that as the proud owner of a pair of his old cuff-links.) As someone who's thought way too much about this, I'd nominate Carlo Gambino for the #1 most successful gangster of all time.

    By most accounts, Mickey had a couple of years where he had some real muscle, but it came slowly -- he was originally a ball-busting, Nazi-sympathizer-tormenting tough guy until he hooked on as Bugsy Siegel's top LA lieutenant -- and it went quickly. The Mickey who got out of jail was a parody of his old self, a showman who made a kind of a living on the ghost of his old reputation.

    What's bizarre about Cohen, though, is that he has become arguably the most important gangster literary influence in 20th century American literature. There are some good Rothstein inspired moments (The Great Gatsby, of course), but Cohen lies behind a number of James Ellroy's novels, and he's referenced in a surprising number of novels and films that touch on LA Noir.

  2. First time reader, first time writer... Hhumm...
    I'm half-Jewish on my Father's side and even I'm offended and disgusted on how can you rate this criminal (Mickey Cohen) this murderer so high? Come on give me a good reason. I consider myself of the Jewish faith and I am disgusted with this result... Not only with him but with Leon Trotsky as well how can you give him such a high score?!? WHAT THE!?! He killed so many people under his command you guys should be ashamed! From Mickey Cohen and the like and Leon Trotsky and the like so proudly a high score!?! As a Jew... I'm so dissapointed!!! Don't forget not only did they kill the Goyim but they also killed many of us too... Please expalin your reasoning for such a high score?... Albert Einestein, George Gerswhin, these deserve high scores!!! BUT!!! as for Criminals (SCUM!) And Commie bastards... NO!!! Please, PLEASE, explain your reasoning as to these highly inappropriate scores, please?

  3. Criminals or killers or not, it doesn't make them any less Jewish. Don't take the Jew Score too seriously, please.