Thursday, September 22, 2011

Profile: Michele Bachmann

Ugh. Had to be done. She's not Jewish, folks!

Bachmann was suggested by Pat from Fairfield, CT, Carol from Fresno, CA, Michael from Canada, Yaakov from Jerusalem, Leslie from Racine, WI, Zvi from Israel, Jake from Brooklyn, Liz from Connecticut, Doris from Miami Beach, Solomon from the Netherlands, Sandra from Massachusetts, and Mitch from Lancaster, PA.


  1. Beautifully played, guys. She may be low-hanging fruit, but not everyone can make such good fruit salad out of her.

    I can't help wondering whether the iPhone app people are running a similar disclaimer...

  2. Well done, guys. Now let's hope that Rick Perry doesn't start babbling about his Jewish roots.

  3. It's much like Sarah Palin and her wearing that Star of David....

    Scary thing is, a lot of these "evangelicals" support of Jews and Israel is fake. They just want to make sure there is a Jewish Israel since that is supposedly one of the conditions of the Second Coming (the other being full conversion of the Jews). Stay away and beware!