Monday, September 12, 2011

Profile: Phish

Ah... the summer camp profile. Yes, again!

Gordon and Fishman were suggested by Mike from Victoria, BC.


  1. Wait a sec... We were just on vacation in New Hampshire and were amazed that all the mountain hiking trails were CHOKED with Hasidic Jews in full regalia. I mean, everywhere! Sidelocks, black hats, long skirts, the whole thing.
    We were completely and utterly blown away and could find absolutely no explanation.

    Are you meaning to tell us this is actually a pretty usual thing?

  2. In a somewhat similar vein, we were doing a pretty rough hike in Ricketts Glen State Park in north central PA and were surprised at the amount of Amish families in full gear doing it. I realize it's not far from "Amish country" but didn't think they'd so such a hike.

    Side note about Phish, they're from Vermont, not noted for Jews though with a lot of NY and Boston transplants (such as their former governor Madeline Kunin and Senator Bernie Sanders) that is somewhat a-changin'