Friday, September 16, 2011

Thanks, France 24!

We mentioned the interview we did with French media about the iPhone app. Here it is, we are towards the bottom. They did get our visitor numbers wrong, but that's not important. This is:
[Levy] says, admitting that his app was inspired by an American website with the same name.

"Inspired"? What a crook.


  1. This iPhone app has pilfered your pithy comments or just pinched the title and created its own profiles?

    Even Taki's Magazine has written an article about it 'French or Not French.'

    My concern is that something so harmless is banned in France. I was at an anti-bds rally yesterday, and people are very happy to identify as Jewish. Rightly so.

    This has received a fair bit of publicity; at the very least, Johann Levy should have cut a deal with you.

  2. As far as I understand, he just stole our name. The rest of the app is a database of celebrities with Jewish / Not Jewish one-liner, and a link to pictures and a Wikipedia profile.

    We're not the first to do something like this; we will not be the last. But there are many possible names out there. There was no reason for him to take ours, something we've worked long and hard to build (and we have never, ever done this for money).

    As for it being banned in France... Yes, it's silly. And the wacky thing is, whoever started this racism discussion gave Johann much more publicity that he would have gotten in the first place.

  3. Perhaps he should change his app to