Sunday, March 1, 2009

Profile: Denny McLain

The content for the first part of this profile came from an interview with McLain that I heard on NYC Sports Radio 660 (The Fan!) WFAN. The second half came from the usual sources, researched after I got home.

Last week I called out Bob Kane. This week Denny McLain. Next week I'll either find someone new to piss off or I'll be found dead in my home through "mysterious circumstances." Either way, it's been a great run.


  1. How did Dennis ever get tagged as a Jew? Because someone here believed his pathological lying? I'm his first cousin, and his mother and mine were sisters, born in Detroit, were Polish-American, and were Roman Catholic. Dennis was baptized and educated Roman Catholic, having attented Ascension Grammer in Harvey, Illinois, and Mount Carmel High in Chicago.

  2. This is what we get for believing Denny. His profile has been fixed. Thanks!

  3. He was probably trying to get in good with the Jewish community so as to find a way to shaft them. People generally are shafted by their own kind because it's easier to establish a trust relationship.