Thursday, March 19, 2009

Weird Search: March 19

Here, we were gonna say, "Jewish female comedians are actually funny", but...

So, let's just say...

Ellen DeGeneres.

Not a Jew.


  1. Sorry, my friend, but I actually think Ellen is pretty funny. Y'know, for non-Jew.

  2. Well, she's no Paula Poundstone, I give you that.

  3. I second that Ellen's funny. She's had too much limelight lately with her show and the AMEX ads, but her stand-up if you can catch it is really good.
    - Mrs. Yakov

  4. Wow, did I ever pick the wrong comedienne to pick on. Still, funny or not, she is clearly not a Jew. Which is the point. I think.

  5. I wrote a post a week ago basically describing other religions as used car salesman and nobody posts anything. But who gets over 5 comments? Ellen frickin' DeGeneres. That's just typical....