Saturday, December 6, 2008

Like we don't write about this enough....

When we started this whole thing, we wrote a whole post (in Mel Brooks), how "In the beginning we created a site about Jews. And it was good."

So just to continue that thought, In the beginning, we created a site about Jews and wrote about a few of them a couple times a month. Then a couple times a week. Now every few hours or so (so much so that we could not write from now till Hanukah and still be able to post a new profile every day till next month).

And then realized that we STILL weren't writing about Jews enough for our liking. So now we have a blog. If that's not enough, well, we're not sure what will happen. JONJ the Podcast? JONJ the telepathic download? The possibilities are endless and scary in their endlessness.

Of course, what's nice about all this is now you have a place besides e-mail and the suggestion box to make your feelings known.

Just keep it clean, mamales or you'll be out on your tuchas.

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  1. Thank you! Your intelligence and mastery of Engilsh Language-Grammer is enviously COOL; You're what College Eng101 and Eng102 professors dream of having in his/her class. I admire your site; it actually helps me to better understand the Kdiaspora since the fall of DaeHahnJehGoohk Era haunting the korean diaspora; grace cho's book was better understood with the readings I have followed on your JonJ site); that not all korean speaking -korean language writing -are alike - that ;
    ANyhow; I am a Sincere Admirer and a lifetime fan of your site.