Sunday, December 14, 2008

Profile: Courtney Love

We've been wanting to profile Courtney Love for a while, but already used up the crack whore angle on Amy Winehouse...

So here is the fake Chanel dress all the fuss was about:

We're not fashion experts, but... really? Seriously?

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  1. Courtney Love has made some anti-Semitic, depressingly unoriginal (big surprise there) comments , something that probably has less to do with any deeply held racist or anti-Jewish sentiments than with her being a delusional crack whore - and unlike Amy Winehouse, one unburdened by every ounce of talent. Love has another, more relevant feature that distinguishes her from Winehouse: she is not Jewish in the slightest. Not only was she not raised in any form of Judaism (nor is she practicing, instead being a run-of-the-mill Hollywood Buddhist) but her “supposedly Jewish” biological grandmother Paula Fox was by all accounts the daughter of a WASP father and a (fairly anti-Semitic) Cuban mother – nothing Jewish there. It is true that Fox was related to Douglas Fairbanks, but through his mother, who was a Catholic born and bred. My point is, we might be stuck with Nancy Spungen and Heidi Fleiss, but there is no reason to give out even the tiniest shred of kosher cred to this one. And with that, I wish everyone a chag sameach!