Thursday, December 18, 2008

Settling the Score: Woody Allen

My favorite feature of our little wander through the Internet desert is the Jew Score. When we started, of course, it wasn't really clear how the whole thing would work in practice (setting Mel Brooks as the high at 15 helped, of course). 400-odd profiles later and we have a pretty good idea of who ought to be scored what. It's almost rote by now. But sometimes we have a debate about a score - either one that has been posted or one that will be. When that happens, this post happens. So let's go ahead and Settle the Score:

This week we'll talk about Woody, per Moishe's request. As you can see, we scored him a 13—that's a pretty high score for a nebbish little perv who just happened to make a few good movies. Or, it's a little low for one of the all time great comedians and artists who just happened to have a little public embarassment over his young, though completely legal, girlfriend.

To be fair, pre-Soon Yi (back when Jew Or Not Jew only existed in book form), Woody Allen was a lock 15, right? Oh sure, we never liked the idea of people assuming he was representative of all Jews, but it's hard to argue with his resume.

And now? Well Allen and his little fortune cookie are still together: more than can be said for most Hollywood couples. And his movies, after taking a nose dive from which most never recover, have recently gone on the upswing (Match Point, for example).

Yeah, I know, keep digging. He could make the greatest movie of all time (and maybe he already has)—but he's always gonna be the guy that hooked up with his daughter. Ignoring that takes blinders the size of skyscrapers, and that's the kind of purchase we can't afford to make on an Internet budget.

Frankly, I think even a 13 is a bit of a gift.

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  1. Well, she wasn't HIS adopted daughter... She was the adopted daughter of his girlfriend and her former husband... Yeah, I know, as if it matters.

    Actually, I'm more upset that this post pushed Claudia Schiffer off the top of the blog...