Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Profile: Monty Hall


This one started with the discussion of Jewish game show hosts (what else!) Sure, we have Peter Tomarken (RIP), as well as some who are primarily known for something else (Ben Stein, Bob Saget...) But the big guns: Trebek, Sajak, Barker, Rayburn, Dawson, Clark: goy, goy, goy, goy, goy who married a contestant from his own show, goy.

And then it hit us. Monty Hall! Well, who else but a Jew to preside over the cacophony of nonsense that was Let's Make a Deal! So, we're paying tribute to him in... an appropriate way, as you can tell from his profile.

Oh, there's also Howie Mandel. We'll deal with him later.

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