Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Profile: The Spirit


A lot of the stuff in the profile about Will Eisner's Jewish intentions comes from The 10-Cent Plague by David Hajdu. If you have any interest in comics at all, I highly recommend it. Very well written and informative. If I was going to do a "JONJ Recommends" post on JONJ: Unplugged (and to be honest, I've thought about it), that book would be on the list. So would Kavalier and Clay, also mentioned in the link above.

On the movie side of things, I'm a big believer in the inverse hype theory of movies which states that a movie's quality is inversely proportional to the amount of hype it receives beforehand. In which case, The Spirit—which has had posters up since before the summer—is gonna be bad all over. That would be a shame. The character (and the role he's had in just about anything comic book anywhere) deserves some recognition.

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